Thursday, April 28, 2022

New Stuff v.3

I was able to get a copy of the new basics I need to learn.  There are fifteen which is in line with my previous group, but these are all three move sequences.  The first ones aren't necessarily difficult now that I've done them a few times, but the last five are a consolidated technique.  They are from Northern China and have colorful English translations, like "smeared paint technique" or "shaking hands technique".  It's a fun romp through martial arts history, but not sure about overall practicality.  Pulling the one good move out is fairly easy though, but the technique can be challenging.  

However, like the rest of the week I got more new stuff!  Today we learned/practiced knife drills.  I knew it wasn't going to be new stuff since it built off our other techniques, but there is always a challenge with the finesses of the style.  In this case the capture was more thought out than TSD and there were subtleties that made a lot of sense.  The knife being kept away from the thighs for instance.  I get so used to rubber knives that I really didn't think about closeness to my thighs.  However, in TSD we never grabbed the knife or tried to take it away.  SBD always removes it.  I kept thinking cut hands and so forth.

We got through the first two of five that I'm supposed to know.  TSD was less rigid and really encouraged experimentation while SBD really wants you to focus on the technique without getting imaginative.  However, when I mentioned to Andy that TSD had a full take down he totally went there with me.  And then when I mentioned that we had a shoulder lock after the take down he did his version which included a unique leg brace to hold me in place.  Super cool!  Of course, now my shoulder is aching like is used to.  I think I'll keep my mouth shut when it's fun time.  

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