Tuesday, October 06, 2020

3 Days of Donyu

 I may have underestimated Reeds enthusiasm about Yamanni-Ryu study.  We are on our third day studying Donyu Kun kata.  Not that it's horrible to being something different, but I feel like we used to balance exam prep with something new a bit better. It's just me being antsy to get to my test.  I'd rather have it all done as much as possible so I can refine and refine for the next couple of years.

Anywho, we kind of beat the Donyu Kun Ichi kata to death.  It's simple pattern, but the moves have some subtly that only time is going to draw out.  So we split the group into two and the folks that wanted to try the next kata went with Daniel.

Yamanni-ryu uses the same pattern for the kata and then adds moves in that are move advanced.  For example in kata one we simply block. In kata 2 block, parry, strike and parry.  So the pattern doesn't change, but there are a lot of new movements.  Super fun.  

An added difficulty for me is that my staff (bo) is heavy.  Fifteen plus years ago my wife wanted to buy me something special and chatted with my teacher at the time about a weapon.  I ended up getting a heavy oak one with a modest taper.  I'm not sure what the advantages are, but my shoulders are definitely feeling it after the fact.  Moving it, controlling and stopping it all contribute to a long hard hour of work.  

I'm writing this the morning after and my hands and shoulders appear to have the worst of it.  Sore, tired and somewhat swollen.  

The embedded video below is an example of how the pattern got way more complicated.  Fun!

This afternoon I'll go on my fourth run after restarting after several years off. Ugh.  1.3 miles is my current limit.  My legs and knees are catching up to my lungs, but my pace is still fairly slow.  At 10:30 mile.  Nothing to get excited about.

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