Monday, November 09, 2020

Four Places and Sixth Kata

 I'm actually on my 7th kata, but we learned one of them out of sequence.  I've just learning the 6th one, Seiyunchin now.  Here's the video after completing the kata.

Sorry about the quality, framing, etc.

As I may have mentioned before, each degree in Shudokan, is a new style.  The nidan, or second degree was White Crane and the third (shodan) is Goju-Ryu.  So I have to learn a completely new style each rank.  In the case of GR I have to learn twelve kata which makes it more demanding since the traditional number is ten.  

Another factor that is weighing in on the learning curve is Covid.  We normally meet at our local park, but the lack of light and temperature has driven us inside Mark's garage, but it also means we can only have four people training at one time.  As you can see in the video we work at keeping 6 feet, but that's even a challenge.  

Tonight should be even more challenging due to cold weather.  Ugh.  

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