Friday, January 21, 2022

Class Before Break

For the first time in what feels like ages, I'm going on vacation.  I'm going to be gone from home for three weeks and it although I'm looking forward to the change in location and possible warm weather, I'm bummed because beatings won't be close up during that time.  I have the option for Zoom, but that's just painful to me.  I'm also not sure what space I'm going to have to move around.

I'm still getting used to this schedule as well.  Seven AM class butts up against my first meeting of my workday, so my morning tasks have moved around a bit. I'm still getting used to that and consequently end up running around in circles.  

This morning was like a straight up Dan class.  Everybody but Ms. B was a blackbelt or above.  We did basics and then on to forms.  Not as exciting as I hoped for, but my forms got a few fixes and as small as that is, it's nice to have something to look on as progress.  

It's my last day of work so I'm just trying collect everything for the trip and help my wife get things in order before we head South to the city.  We'll overnight there and then catch a flight to Florida.  The weather won't be warm, but it'll be warmer than here.  I can't wait for that part, but I'll be staying with in-laws the whole time and I'll be hoping for an absence of inter-family conflict.  I guess it's time to pick up drinking again.  

My goals for the next three weeks are to have the Il soo sik and Ho shin sul memorized thoroughly.  Fingers crossed everyone!    


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