Friday, January 14, 2022

Goodbye Sir

I'm generally a sappy guy anyway but saying bye to Keith this morning was just tough. In sorting through my feelings, I realized that I thought that he'd always be there, and we'd actually have a close relationship at some point. I actually got him and his wife over to our house for my birthday party before we went into partial lockdown.  He was closest in age to me in the school and has always been decent and fun in class.  

I kind of made a few attempts to talk right after we bowed in, but it didn't seem to fit at the moment.  He asked me what I wanted to work on (for our last class, boo hoo) and I needed to review my third Il soo sik.  We got that sorted out fairly quickly and went on to Hin so shul.  

There are fifteen techniques I need to know for hin so shul.  These are wrist grab escapes and locks.  For once it went fairly well.  I could vaguely remember what to do and not mess up too much, but it's been two weeks since I did them last.  I guess I got a good night's sleep for once. 

We finished the day out with kicking drills.  I was worried about remembering the sequence, but it turned out to be pretty easy.  A, D, A, Y.  This means Ahp (front kick), Dollyo (roundhouse), Anheso/Pakaro (cresent), and Yup (side).  Then comes a dwi huri and it repeats over again with a jump.  The last three are spinning, jumping kicks.  

We finished right at time.  It felt like a moment of synchrony.  Finishing up on the dime was a good way to finish our time together, but when I got home, I still ended up borking out some tears while trying to talk to my wife.  It seems strange to be so affected by such things at this age, but I know this was a good relationship it hurts like hell to see it go.  Keith made it good and sad at the same time by saying, "every word that you've ever heard come out of my mouth came out of his first," as he pointed to Andy.  I know that, but every teacher is different, and I'll miss Keith's take on things. 


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