Thursday, June 16, 2022


There is a movie with Jason Statham, called Crank, where he is poisoned.  The only way he can stay alive is continuously give himself jolts of adrenaline to keep his heart pumping. He gets into fights, shocks himself, etc.  He should have gone to a karate school.  On wrist lock day.  Oh the pain.  

Wednesday and Thursday are partner days.  Since we did 3 step work yesterday, we went to wrist locks today.  It normally doesn't bother me, but today was a clinic in pain management.  To get your partner to stop the lock (and pain), you tap your free hand again your thigh. The idea is before you get a broken joint you tap.  Easy enough.  Pain dials up and when you think you'd like the other person to stop you tap.  

Somewhere along the way we are taught that you want the person who is applying the pressure to understand how much force to use without causing damage.  After years of doing this kind of thing it's all automatic.  As soon as you see the wince, or other tells, you let off and continue the technique.  However, there is always a moment where you don't get it just right and you end up grimacing in pain a bit longer than you'd like.  I was way into that today.  I couldn't tap fast enough for all the demonstrations we did.  Bill and I just couldn't hit the correct grips and positions so Andy would come over and show us.  By that, I mean we'd be tapping pretty quick!

I think we got through four cross and four same side sleeve grabs.  I'm not sure how much I learned though.  Pain has a way of doing that.  Either you learn or you don't.  Nothing in between.

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