Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Shock And Sadness

I got to class a bit early and Colette was outside walking her dog.  As we went through our pleasantries she stumbled over "the news".  Keith and his family are moving to Texas in a few months!  What!?  He's off to another job, but I thought he was going to be taking over the school at some point!  

I mean I was shocked, but I kept wondering how much it would affect the school.  Keith teaches several classes a day and his wife has been the stalwart teaching the tiny tigers class for years.  I can only imagine what Andy and Colette must be thinking.  Or they just go along with it and sort out what to do next.  Hard to say; they can be very inscrutable.  

The class was very interesting in that we had a new member via Zoom and Keith brought his son.  So the biggest morning class ever for me.  Hah.  But, as I guessed, because there is more than one person I don't get that private lesson attention that I love so much now.  

I also just realized that Andy might not want to do the early class either.  So many questions!

Class today was basics and forms.  Standard but with a lot less corrections because Keith had to pay attention to the new student.  

Sigh, still processing all this.

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