A Miss and A Hit

I had to miss Thursday night class because of work pushing it’s nosey requirements into my life.  I had some visiting folks from the mother ship in the big city and had to squire them around.  It’s not like they were bad or anything, but I had to get them back to the airport after an exceedingly long day.  I just had to remind myself, “this is why I get paid”. 

Class was still going on for a bit when I showed up so I said hi and made an appointment to hang out with Teacher on Friday.  I’d put together a few more pieces and parts to my kata and wanted to find out if I was going in the correct direction.  Here’s were I’m at, but I’ve got a slightly different ending after the double punches.

Struggling wit the awesome.

Instead of the jumping axe at the end I’ve got some hand work.  Teacher made it very clear – “This is a kata that a green belt can do, but you’d better be doing the techniques all at a Black belt level”.  Yikes!


B said…
Cool so far! I've never done the double punch. I think they show up in 3rd or 4th dan tkd forms.

KFS said…
So you create your own form as part of your test? Interesting stuff. What are the criteria for creating a form, or what do you have in mind when you are putting it together?
Potatoe Fist said…
I didn't really get a lot of guidance about what it needed to contain. Teacher had to make his in a vacuum and the masters simply watched him and said, "poof, you're a black belt."

I think he's being a bit more conscientious with me. I've shown him what I'm doing and he's cut out anything "fancy". I was hoping to do spinning back kicks and jumping kicks with rolls, etc. He cut that all out. It's very simple as you can see, but it's definitely mine.

I was really just trying to focus on making it realistic, but showing some facility at balance and power.

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