Training/Boredom Update

Teacher is back in town, but no beatings until November. So out of boredom I'm continuing to work out in the morning whenever I can develop the momentum. It's just so damn cold out that I have to break it up with something different on off days. So today was burpees and some pushups in the kitchen.

- 30+ pushups
- 10+ burpees
- 5 burpees
- 15 burpees
- gasping and retching

I think I'll go back outside tomorrow. Cold is better than burpees.


Meg said…
Potato, *anything* is better than burpees!!!
LOL! I admire your determination to keep practicing though.
Potatoe Fist said…
Anything to keep the weight in check!
somaserious said… to hate them. I was at Muay Thai kickboxing last night where at the end we did 10 punches followed by 5 burpees for 10 reps. Ack! If you were the last one to complete a set you went right into the next. After rep 4 I fell down. It's been a while since I've trained that hard...
Mathieu said…

enjoy the workout!
uchi deshi said…
Way to go!! Sounds like a hard workout!!

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