Thursday, October 04, 2007


Nilon came back this evening and I was proud to say that I didn't have any emotional responses to his appearance. I was more relieved that he showed so that class would have some more people. I was a bit chagrined when we got partnered once or twice. After doing the technique once or twice he becomes restless and wants to try other things. I don't know why that agitates me so, but I know he needs to focus on his basic technique and get that rote repetition in. Personally I want to do the technique over and over again so I get it right. When I was visiting an Aikido school in the big city they had the rule of four. Four times one side and then the other and then switch partners. That way you didn't get stuck with height and distance so much. Ah well, it's good training for me.

With the two girls we totalled six. Which I'm starting to think is the perfect number if we rotate frequently. If the new guy comes then we'll have seven which will be crazy. We haven't had that many people in the class in years.

Teacher is upping the ante again. New moves! He says that these are all things we've learned in the past, but he's putting them together in a new fashion. I'm not so sure about that, but it's still a rush to have so many things tied together. Tonight we had a sequence that went:
Block from the opposite outside, getting in close to trap Uki's striking arm against your body and ram the and hand up into the jaw. Swivel body and Uki goes boom. Then we had to learn the counter. As senior Sempai I had to take a very small circle through from low height. I went boom hard and loud. It's several hours later and no problems!

Items of note: my intent to reduce apologies seems to doing fine. In a drill I elbowed Nilon in the jaw which rewarded me with an audible clack. After making sure he was okay I grimaced and we moved on.

Priest and I trained well together. Both of us are on the same page for figuring out footwork and body placement before Teacher can get to us. Awesome.


Mathieu said...


This year's energy is different from last year's.

It shows, no? :D

Potatoe Fist said...

I hadn't put it into that context, but I think you are correct. Something different in the air perhaps?

somaserious said...

It gets very tedious when you're paired with someone who gets antsy. That makes it very difficult to focus on the practice, practice, practice. We have this one female shodan in our class that is constantly doing that with me. She will also "correct" Sensei's teaching, which drives me absolutely batty!! "Okay, here's how it really should look". Bah! Sounds like class is going very well, though.


Potatoe Fist said...

I was going to say I've experienced the same thing with the "correctors" but I have to be wary of that myself. Teacher will explain as much as possible, but I like to jump in thinking that I'm helping. I've learned to shut my mouth in the last year. Everything comes to pass at it's own time in teaching.

uchi deshi said...

Small classes, but small classes can be fun!

Potatoe Fist said...

Since I haven't really had large classes I'm not sure I can compare. I do like six to eight with regular rotation, but the smaller class is better for instruction and getting thing fine tuned.

Mathieu said...

Big class are not fun.

Basics, basics, basics, basics.
Then kata. Teacher does not like one of the 48 kata being done?
basics basics, basics, basics.

I much prefer small classes and feel blessed to have a small class. :D

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