Practical Application

More bruises! This morning a big blue one on a bicep and big brown one on my hand. I know the one on my hand came from the wrist locks, but where did one arm come from? Mysterious and I don't bruise very easily - at least I haven't in the past.

I assumed that since my legs were barely functioning that we'd be doing kicks because karma is like that, but instead it was night of applying kata and then an evasive move to throw.

In TSD our katas can seem often bizarre (to me anyway) and since we don't have formal bunkai we are often left questioning the practicality of certain movements. So Teacher took a couple of odd bits and made sure we had an idea of how they played into reality - fun!

The rest of the class was devoted to evading a bear hug attack. Teacher's friend was all drunk the other night and he got to pull this one out of his hat. We do the double upward block (from kata!) then using an elbow to the shoulder, a behind the elbow pull and a step out of the way the uki goes flying. It took about an hour to get it flowing, but it was awesome fun when it worked correctly. No effort for a beautiful flight.

Ironically my legs were nicely loosened up all the activity.

Realisation - we need more people for the class. We're going to be losing two more folks this summer and then it'll be Nilon and I with Beard on occasion. Yikes.


lizzie said…
Teacher's friend was training while he was drunk?
Potatoe Fist said…
Let me clarify - Teacher was out and drunk buddy spotted him and commensed to be an ass. It's a small town and you run into everyone downtown.

Sorry about the bad writing skills.
lizzie said…
How big is your town?
Potatoe Fist said…
The whole population is 10K. It's split into two chunks. One has 3K and the other is 7K. I live on the 7K side. The whole town is about 10 miles long and maybe 2 wide.

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