Thursday, September 09, 2021

Quick Note Before Vacay

It's day two in my sequence of training and that means forms! I generally love doing them and corrections are usually easy to put into place, but today there was a few too many to absorb.  

I've been practicing once a day and have been trying to knock off the errors that I can see.  Today I found that I'd been practicing a few things incorrectly - as per usual.  It's a standard for me.  Since we are doing three forms and there was multiple fixes I need to right things down pretty quick to remember stuff.


  • first U punch is a slide over
  • first crescent kick after the ball grab, stand up straight first before kick
  • stomp louder
  • at stomps at blocks before elbow fist strikes
  • get low and stay that way
  • more hips!
Chil Sung
  • get low
  • timing is an issue.  I keep thinking about what the next move is, but forget there is timing in every form.
I'm going on vacation tomorrow and won't get a class in till next Friday.  Lots of practice at my Dad's house I'm guessing.  

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