23 Days To Go (Shūdokan 130)

I like to reserve this blog for writing specifically about class but my regular life is feeling like it's impacting things at the moment.  My Mom started developing Dementia symptoms a few years back and they've been accelerating at an alarming pace lately.  After a bout of sickness that was mishandled by my Dad and her she had to go to the hospital.  Things are in a messy state because my Dad is having troubles making clear headed decisions.  My wife has volunteered to travel to the East coast to help him out while they try to put their affairs into order.

I'm consumed with guilt about not being there, but it's not that I could have done much except fretting and generally pulled my hair out.  It all seems so chaotic with no clear idea of what to do next. 

Last night I was just starting class and got the two little girls (much to my chagrin).  I didn't have much patience anyway, so when my brother called I had to leave class to get the latest details I felt mixed dread and relief.  I ended up talking to him for forty minutes.

I got to go to after class and had Daniel Sensei work on my testing stuff.  Concentrating on the details was a nice way not to think about my problems. 

I guess technically this is my 130th class because Reed and Daniel came over to my house to work out Sunday morning for a couple of hours.  We go one in, but they were able to point out a huge amount of corrections in the simpler of the two kata I have to do.  Being able to make those corrections in the next twenty-three days will be a challenge, but nothing they gave me we was horrible. 

Before they left they started talking about what was next for me.  Mark has apparently told them that he no longer wants to work on testing or a next rank, but simply train.  The wear and tear and/or boredom and repetition was bringing him down.  I have the choice of three schools of style to chose from which is a departure from both their experience.  Apparently, students are not pleased with the next sequence to 2nd degree.  But honestly I don't know any better so I'm fine with whatever they have to offer. 


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