Shudokan 15

I'm not sure what happened last night but I got little to no sleep, or at least it feels that way.  I normally associate that with drinking too much on a weekend night.  When the alcohol converts to sugar at 2 am and I thrash around because my heart is pounding like I'm running up hill.  Well, I wasn't drinking and I was in bed at the right time after a very long night at beatings.  I should have passed out and slept like a log.  Instead I kept surfacing every hour.  I was grateful when the alarm went off.

Due to the short nature of class time, the black belts meet after class on Monday and work out for another couple of hours.  I originally thought it was just to get the one Brown Belt, Mark, up to speed for his test, but I see that folks just want to get together and continue working.  There is way too much content to be covered or reexamined for the two hours a week we normally have.

I'm loath to miss any class because I'll be missing new material or assistance on current material that needs refinement.  So the after class, continuation is nice, but I'm suffering for it today.  The final move in the application portion is a shoulder lock on me. And, of course, it's the shoulder that plays up because it's been locked and ground for so many years.  That and the knees and back and everything else.  Maybe that's why I didn't sleep well.  Ibuprofen would have been smart.  I've got X-ray hindsight.

Generally speaking I'm working on three main areas of memorization.  An application of the Kyoku Yondan kata, the application of Kyoku Godan kata, and Wando.  Between all of this I'm retooling a lot of stuff.  How to hold the hand, stances, stances and more stances and the very straightforward approach to sparring.

Last night Reed Sensei took one of the teens and did a sparring sample.  There was much bouncing on toes (what I call body fencing) and then straight rushes.  I'm sure there would be more if there were two qualified folks, but it was explosive and no circling.

Since the school is reduced significantly there is no mass visit to the main school for testing.  I have found that Morris Mack Sensei comes and tests.  Last night I heard a few stories about testing in front of him and stress that created in the students.  Fun stuff filled with foot cramps and pain.  So I blithely wonder when would I be asked.  I realize I do this a lot and realize how important it would be for me get tested in another art.  Confirmation that I know a thing or two from a external source.  How sweet would that be?!


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