RCD Shudokan 5

It appears that I was being a bit harsh in my last post, but a frustrating class is frustrating.  I was still excited to go last night, but I was trying to keep it in perspective; that I'm not always going to get what I want (queue the Stones).

To my pleasant surprise, the planets aligned and the class took on all the things I needed and didn't realize I wanted.  For instance.  I need a bit longer to warm up and Sensei took some extra effort to put in a lot of exercise.  So I was nice and sweaty before instruction actually took place.  Everything they do here is based on the count of 50.  Wow, I'm not used to that.  50 squats, 50 crunches, etc.

My desire in this case was to feel exercised at the end of class.  Accomplished.  

My next was to have some specific direction from the Teacher.  I was struggling with the Kata that I've been assigned.  Wando is a rare form and around 26 moves I start losing the details.  After a lot more practice it'll come to me, but in the mean time I feel like I'm flailing horribly.  The main Teacher will actually use Bunkai (practical application of what we are doing) to reinforce what we are learning.  Fantastic as it appears all practical.  I can see why he chose this one. 

My desire was to have target instruction.  Accomplished.  

Although it wasn't a specific desire for that class, when I originally started to shop around I wanted a class/school that had a good number of people.  This came from my old frustration of being paired with the same two guys for years. I'll mostly likely be paired with a small number, but the class expanded by a significant number last night.  Unfortunately, mostly kids from 6 to 10.  Lots of activity and energy and Sensei spent a lot of time channeling that into something productive.

Here's Wando:

Starring: Not me


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