Rose City Digest

I was in the Rose City the last week driving slowly through neighborhoods, trying very unscientifically to figure out where it would be nice to live.  

I'd been given the rule of three circles (really just a Venn diagram) in which you take a map and identify three things that are crucial to where you live, make three circles and the intersection is where you should choose your neighborhood.  This is an excellent idea, but I ran into a difficultly - I have the option of working in two places and I'm unsure where I'm going to end up.  The other issue is that I'm not sure of those critical "other things" I'd need to select to fix my circles, but  I'd been keeping a new school in mind as one of them  

So I used the unscientific method and off I went driving and looking.  Before I left I had stumbled upon a few dojo search engines ( for instance) and was troubled to find that there were no Tang Soo Do schools. I presumed this was an over site or that no one bothered to put up a site for their schools, but as I toured I have to say via drive by, they only seem to have Tae Kwon Do and Jujitsu.

If/When the wife and I move down there next year I'll have to figure out something, but I'm guessing word of mouth will probably turn up something or it's on to another art for sure.  


Anonymous said…
Looks like there's one in Portland...
Potatoe Fist said…
Sharp-eyed Bob! I didn't think of going through the organizations.

TSD has so many official bodies that it never dawned upon me look in that fashion.

My Teacher said to hang out in strip malls near the shady part of time and look for sweaty people.

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