Testing The Storm

There's a special type of anxiety I get from watching a test.  It's frisson of adrenaline that's born of fear, excitement and something I can't put a finger on, but I'm pretty sure it's that knowledge that you are going to come of it being something different.  

For whatever reason Storm's test meant a lot to me.  I ended up being on the judging committee and not really doing much other than catching his spinning back kicks and then taking lumps as the last fighter in his sparring.  

Still, I got to be there and participate and that somehow made me feel a little bit more like a blackbelt.  I realized that it has been two years since my test and I'm often shy about the fact. This kind of thing allows me to measure my success and comfort with my achievement.

During the testing we found out that Storm has two TKD black belts!  Outstanding.  He's also on schedule to test for his 2nd degree at one of those schools, but that's dependent on his ability to fly over to the big city and get some quality time in.  

The test reminded me of my Black belt test in that the format was pretty similar and Teacher G actually had to stop for moment to help Storm get his breath back.  I felt that deeply when I saw him do that for Storm.  I was embarrassed when it happened to me and Storm is in absolutely fantastic shape.  So it was somewhat validating.  He is now a Brown belt in our school.

As a result I went to Teacher's work and picked up my diploma and got a frame to hang it up. It's time to believe in myself.


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