Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blind Man's Bluff

Due to the incredibly busy schedule at work, which often requires me to work late into the evenings, I count myself lucky to attend class on the rare occasion. In the last month I've been able to come back to class with some regularity and have found incredibly fun and full of thoughtful exercise.  

Although I rarely have the time to capture all the great stuff we've been working I wanted to do a couple of posts on the highlights.  Two weeks ago the adult class was down to the three of us (Frenchie, Cherub and Myself) and Teacher.  Always looking at the bright side, Teacher had a class where we would repeat some esoteric move until we are blue in the face.  After the beginning sequence he would pull me aside to practice something "fun".  In this case he grabbed an old belt and blindfolded me.  
The goal of this was to reduce dependence on site and focus on tactile clues, but the neatest things was that without too much warm up you could call out where your opponents parts were located.  I could pick up the chin, neck and elbow pretty regularly (with some serious errors here and there) and with more accuracy than I would have said was possible.

He moved on to sparring in the most mildest sense and it was pretty glorious in that with a blindfold on I could still do basic and sometimes advanced moves.  I totally had a flash back to Bloodsport where VanDamme is hunting around for his bad guy and flashes back to his vision impaired training.  Easier than I thought, but I definitely have to be touching a guy to know what's going on.  



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