Monday, January 31, 2011

Out of Action

I haven’t posted for awhile due to my busy schedule, but mostly because I haven’t been able to do anything since I’ve been back from the Big City.  While I was there my Doctor swung through and while we were hanging out I showed him some problems I’d been experiencing.  Primarily my right leg seemed to be week in a couple of spots.  I was unable to do a calf raise on my right leg and this caused him some concern which, in turn, caused me some concern. 

I got back into town last week and the doc did a repeat of the evaluation and I hadn’t gotten worse, but neither was I better.  His first thought was to get me to a MRI a.s.a.p, but with a few exercises I noticed a small amount of progress.  So we are hold for the MRI, but Beatings has been put on the side line until I can do more physically.  This is especially frustrating as I’d hoped to go to class and do a modified workout, but the doctor wants to hold off.  I was wondering what I can accomplish, but I’m afraid to go backwards.  So I think I’ll watch class and see how everyone is doing and eat bitter. 

Diagnosis – injured disk.  Pressure on sciatic nerve lead to calve and foot weakness; pain in areas of range of mobility.

Treatment – traction and specific exercise to increase fluidity of nerve channel around hip joint. 

Prognosis – ?  I guess we wait and see.  In the mean I’m a half a man (I can kick on one side with no problem, but barely on the other). 


BSM said...

Hang in their on the disc! I went down that road on my neck. Ultimately the MRI is the only true way to see what's going on. With luck rest, steroids, etc. will heal it so you can avoid the costly MRI.

I shall send positive thoughts your way.


Potatoe Fist said...

Thanks! I'm in my 3rd week of rehab and have seen small, steady progress. I just want to be able to bend at the waist without pain (and, of course, kick high on the right - if possible).

Mathieu said...

This is bad. No wonder you're hurting get well

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