Tests and Nightmares

First day back to class and all was well.  Exhausting, but in a good way. 

Teacher pulled me aside after class and told me what my next test was going to consist of – I have to teach two children’s classes in their entirety while he and Teacher Slim critique me. 

I didn’t think that was too bad, but that night I had horrific nightmares about getting to tournaments in sports I really didn’t know much about and couldn’t get to the airport on time.  A connection?

To prep for the kids classes I’m going to start going in early to participate in the class.  I’m not even sure how this is going to go, but I’m not going to smile and I’m not going to joke around – two things that mess me up as a teacher. 

I told Teacher that I hated him and he laughed.  I told him that I’d rather run around in a circle for an hour instead.  Ironically, in my head I didn’t think it was too bad.  It should be challenging, but not deadly, but I thought I should play along in how horrible it was going to be.


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