Open Seasame

I saw nothing but blue and a felt a quick flash of pain in my neck as I snapped to the side. 

Beard was wearing his reversible competition Judo gi with the Blue side out when he came in last night.  I normally get the flack for wearing non-standard gis (red, tye-dye, etc.), but his super high-end gi is an attention getter because it is so nice compared to our low-end purchases. 

At the very end of class we had a new exercise to practice.  The person to be executed against stood still and closed her/his eyes and waited for the signal.  The person doing the attack got the choice of gun, knife or open hand.  This proved to be an endless source of entertainment for the class as the defenders usually ended up eating it one way or the other. 

My turn to defend was predictably a huge mess.  Sensei said go and I had my eyes open for a fraction as I realized Beard was doing a flying knee and was literally a hair away from contact.  Thankfully we all move much faster than we think we can and I dodged left as he shot by.  I didn’t fully escape his head grab, thus the sharp neck crank. 

My second “contestant” was Swimmer, who, as I may of mentioned in the past, has little to no ability to throttle her control.  Sensei said open and I could see her hand flash around my side.  My attempt at block and avoid were way to slow and I felt a nice slashing pain in the back.  I kept the maneuver going and took her down and fell on top of her.  Later, in the changing room, the guys pointed out that I had two perfect horizontal lines across my kidneys.  Damn.
This was my second night of partially leading the kids class.  Teacher made a point of leaving the room for long periods of time so that the kids could get used to me and I could get used to not falling back on him.  All things considered, my time with the kids went well, but I got really tired quickly of bad behavior.  I also learned that “shushing” the class does exactly nothing. 

Teacher is having me take both classes next Thursday.  I don’t too feel too anxious right now, but knowing me I’ll be wound the whole day before. 

After class he complimented me on the segments that took over and noted my relative comfort with kids.  Could I be learning something?!


B said…
I've never had to teach kids and I'm glad! I'm not sure how Sabum handled it when he had to. Mack Truck in kung fu would intimidate or just make them do push-ups and jumping jacks if they lost focus.

Potatoe Fist said…
We have a mouthy kid in class and Teacher has him doing pushups all the time. I saw him knock out 20 before class was half way through. That was all at once and I think the kid is only 8. He's going to be ripped!

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