Thursday, September 10, 2009


Crick, crack.  Crick Crack.  “Jeeze,” I thought to myself.  “Is this what my wife heard over the years?” 

With the plethora of new students Teacher is making a very solid beginners lesson plan which requires endless repetition of the kicks and work on stances.  In our discussions last year before my Brown Belt exam he was emphasizing that I needed to be an example in form and so on.   The primary example is that I present the stance in it’s most traditional form (Japanese not Korean).  Let’s just say that I have a very difficult time having the top of my leg in parallel to the ground. 

So he explains to the class that because of my age some the things that should be done and emulated aren’t going to happen. 

Well, pride goeth before the fall.  I forced myself in a lower stance (still not the parallel) and felt pretty good about it because it wasn’t too uncomfortable on my knees – and then noticed the clicking noise.  That just doesn’t sound healthy. 

Long story short – I’m back on the glucosamine and cutting back on jogging. 

After class back to Teachers place for beer and therapy.  Then called into work at midnight.  Tough morning the next day.


Mathieu said...

be careful with those knees.

They are so very precious!

Potatoe Fist said...

I know you know what you're talking about!

BSM said...

My knees are mostly good. It's my right hip that will give me trouble some day. I mostly blame the TKD days. I threw 70% of my kicks from the right.

It does not give me near as much trouble now that I'm in kung fu. I really limit the TKD kicking at home too--just enough to keep some of the core kicks usable in a defense situation.

They make a high end glucosamine with a bunch of other stuff in it. It's like 18 bucks a bottle. Ever try it? It's for old folks but I wonder if it would work?

I take glucosimine with MSM. Part for the hip and part because the chin na is rough on the joints.


Potatoe Fist said...

Most days I feel like a mess; bad knee pain, a bursitis-laden hip and a shoulder that feels like it's coming apart. I started dealing with my knees about two years ago and part of the rehab was a glocosimine regimen that really appeared to help. I just restarted taking them and the aches having miraculously disappeared. I don't know if I trust it to work so quick, but I'll finish off this bottle and see how it goes. You are correct - $50 to $60 a bottle. Ouch.

My bursitis came from playing racquetball in grad school almost everyday. I couldn't get enough and realized one day that I couldn't put my weight down on one leg. whoops.

What is strange and sad is that the days where nothing hurts I forget almost completely that I have a bunch of hurts - I always worry about the knees though.

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