Shaky Legs

I'm not sure I want to count the weeks that have passed since I've last been to beatings. But here I was back and it didn't seem like anytime had passed since I'd been there last. Except for all the new faces. We had six teen age girls! What the heck? Teacher asked me to lead the warm-ups and we broke into lines to do punching and blocking practice. Fairly standard, but I was wheezing already. We were then put into pairs and I got one of the new girls that had a gi from a previous school. Didn't mind hitting there I guess. More bruises for me.

After awhile practicing the shudo strikes we went to wrist locks and my partner had to stop for a second because her legs were shaking. She had gone horseback riding previous to class. No calories and frazzled body.

As I walked up the steps to my house I noticed my legs shaking as well. Months of inactivity have made me the human version of veal.


I diet once a year and when I do, i cut back on carbs. I always find that during training my limbs shake and its hard to clench a fist sometimes. When I eat better I am back to normal. Correct foods at the correct times are vital when training anything that demands physical exertion.
Potatoe Fist said…
I totally understand, but in this case it was because I hadn't done anything in ages. Pure exertion problems for me. The little girl was certainly carb deficient though.
Mathieu said…
Shaky legs. I hate those.

Continue training!

I do wish too I had special powers at brown belt. Yet, it's only me with a different belt color.

No naruto-nijutsu like powers for me...

New blood is good, no? I always like newbies ;)
Mathieu said…

careful, it's highly addictive!!!

season 1 has 220 episode and season 2 also.
Ikigai said…
I have a sister who loves Naruto. Apparently it's highly regarded among the pantheon of Japanese Anime and is getting huge in the states.
Potatoe Fist said…
I guess I'll have to be careful with the Naruto. I'm in school at night (on break finally) and I don't want anything to suck me in for awhile yet.
Mathieu said…
yep do be careful!!

happy 2009!
Anonymous said…
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