It's all in the hips

I don't think I'm at the point in which I can say that I fully utilize my hips in kicks and strikes. Every time I get lower in stance I have to completely retool the hip rotation. So if I'm in a deep zenkutzu stance I don't feel like I can twist my hips at all, so I'll raise up only to receive admonition from Teacher for a poor stance. Hmmm. Since I'm going up and down in stance heights, I don't have a consistent spot in which to practice and lock down what I'm doing.

My best kick for utilizing the hip snap/whip is the outside crescent using my right leg. It remains loose and my hip leads the whipping movement beautifully, but my left side just won't move smoothly. I'm having some lower back problems and some bursitis in my hip so I'm guessing that could be the problem. That, or it's the old saw - you're better on one side that than the other.

I was working with one of the new guys on those kicks and he was awesome. He kept his balance and could generate a lot of energy. New people make me sick. To compensate I took all the credit in teaching him his new skills.


Meg said…
Hips are definitely important in kicking! I haven't gotten the knack of turning my hips over for a good roundhouse or side kick. I'd be much more effective if I did and would generate more power!
Potatoe Fist said…
I find myself saying "one in ten" a lot. It's the reference to how many times I do the technique correctly. The more I know the worse the coefficient becomes. And it's always one side better. I've got a killer side kick on one side and the other I lose balance half the time - I blame a bad ankle for that one.
Bob Patterson said…
I'm top heavy on one side too.

Most of my best kicks are on the right side. Though I do have a few I can pull off from the left.

Yeah us old farts are kinda stuck teaching. Still, how many of these kids would try this at our age?

I think that's something to take pride in!

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