Potatoe's rule 1

There are exceptions to every rule.

However, exceptions are rare.

Tonight I was filled with dread and excitement about returning to class. It was Teacher, Little Sister and Cook. Thankfully it went slow and easy, but I bruised easily. It's going to take a long time to develop the bruise layer again.

Here is the first rule - whatever body part is hurting and you want to protect; it will focused upon and abused during class.

Case in point - my knees apparently both have tendinitis in them. Or at least it feels like it. In the second hour we practice a grab with a kick in the back of the leading knee. Perfect.

After about 20 or 30 0f these it's my turn to kick. I can barely pick my leg up to do the kick. So I have to do more to get it right. It was one of those nights where no matter how much time and effort went in to tell me how to do it, nothing was going to work. I could do it on short folks, but anyone my height was a whole different situation. Painful.


Meg said…
So, what's rule number 2?
How are your knees now? Are you feeling less stiff?
Potatoe Fist said…
I thought I'd make up the rules as they revealed themselves. So far rule 1 is all that I've got.

My knees are absolutely killing me. Thankfully they aren't stiff, but they are constantly aching. Tonight I go back on Ibuprofen.
Mathieu said…
Murphy's Law. :D

Hey be happy, at least you have a knee.

Silverstar said…
Ah! I hate classes where things don't seem to work right! Frustrating and painful. I hope things improve soon.:)
Potatoe Fist said…
I have to admit that I wish my knees would be better, then I could get back to complaining about the regular aches and pains.
Bob Patterson said…
Hang in there partner!

Most people don't realize how hard this stuff is at our ages!

This morning I was groaning, limping, and taking tylenol!

Bob's rule number two: Tiger Balm is your friend.

Potatoe Fist said…
I would submit that there is an exception to rule 2 - Tiger Balm is your friend and your enemy because it never truly comes off. I've touched my eyes and bits and pieces long after I thought it was off. Yaarrrgghh.
Bob Patterson said…
Rule 2.1.a

Tiger Balm makes wife very mad. Bob sleep on sofa.
Mathieu said…
Tiger balm!

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