Circle Work

Following the break we were standing in a circle reviewing our respective holiday adventures. Teacher thought this was a great idea for close quarter drills. Attack to the right (two strikes); the defender defends and then returns two strikes and immediately goes to their right to attack. Ideally it would look like a continuous stream of attacks resembling a "wave."

Ironically we started standing farther apart, but as we progressed around the circle a few times we got closer and closer. I felt that was good because we all seemed to be developing comfort in an area in which we need a lot of work. A moment in which the group strength helped us grow individually.

Once, long ago, we were taught the benefit of the "eyes down." I think the story was that monks used to keep their eyes down as a sign of respect, but in actuality it gives you awesome peripheral vision. So I used that to my advantage in the circle and was able to see everything coming from Teacher and Nilon. I walked out with a big head and slept very well. A good way to come back from vacation.


[Mat] said…
Eyes down. I apply that at work.


We have very small corridors with sharp angles and the only way to see if there's someone coming around is looking down. Or up, for that matter.

Sounds like fun classes. Much more physical than ours. We're still in kata and such. I long for flowing drills... Ha, maybe next month, heh?
Potatoe Fist said…
That's great that your office is a natural training ground. Do you long to do a screetching attack on your cube mates?

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