Zombie Class

Never have I seen such a lack luster, non-energetic, yawned filled evening. We actually ended class early because we were stumbling around so much. There was only four of us, Kid Speed, Nilon, me and Teacher.

One and Two-step drills and some Kata. I don't know about the others, but I felt absolutely beat to death after Tuesday. We actually have some sun now so I even sleep less. I gather everyone is in the same boat.

I felt bad for Nilon. We were working Pyung Ahn O Dan and Bassi and he's still struggling with the first Kata. He still smiled and tried his best.


Miss Chris said…
"Lack luster", "non-energetic", "yawn filled"...That sounds like my past few days lately. Ugh!
[Mat] said…
Is it the temperature outside?

How is it where you live?

These days (and after a ski-free winter) I can't seem to keep myself inside more than 2h at a time.

Potatoe Fist said…
When it's warm the days are really long and I think we burn ourselves out because we just don't get out.

During this season it can go up to 60F, but right now it's raining and 43. No fun again.

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