So a guy walks into a bar...

After class on Thursday Sensei had me and hairdo join him and his wife for a beer at one of the local bars. On the way out I was repeatedly stopped by a fellow. This was the conversation:

Him: Hey, are you in the coast guard?
Me: No.
Him: Oh.
Him: Well, you look like you're in the coast guard.
Me: Okay.
Him: Oh.
Him: Where do you work?
Me: Over there.
Him: Oh.
Him: 'cause you look like you work for the coast guard.
Me: nope
Him: Oh.

I got out the door while he was still shooting belligerent questions. Not a Karate moment, but still makes me giggle. I assume he has something against Coasties.


[Mat] said…
Talk about being persistent!
Patrick Parker said…
He should get points for both persistence AND creativity. Around here you'd get a simple "Yo mama" or even just "Hey, you!" But your guy had the presence to accuse you of looking like you work for the Coast Guard. I haven't even ever heard that looking like a Coastie was that offensive a thing.
Potatoe Fist said…
I thought the same thing. I later found out that in our town the Coast Guard has a mixed reputation and I've been living here for 9 years!

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