I was so low on calories that I labeled the title in lower case. My wife is dieting for our winter vacation so that means I'm joining her whether I need it or not (I need it). So about an hour into class I realize it's starting to get harder to get up off the mats each time I go down. Teacher asks if I'm okay and I know that I'm perfectly fine, but it seems to be taking more energy to get up. Like wading through water.

So Vet went off to training for military unarmed combat school last week. He came back and shared some of his quality stuff. The best was the escape from full mount and choke. We have basic escapes and practice our holds and blocks from the floor position, but this was great because it moved from the bottom to the top. Very neat. We don't have any jujitsu moves so this was a welcome addition. We normally attempt hand grabs and use an hand/wrist lock to control the situation. The only problem with constant lock practice is that my hands feel like someone beat them with a ball-peen hammer the next day.


[Mat] said…
Too low on calories...

That's dangerous for the health too. But there are way to work around it.

Hydration is one way.

Eating a fruit just before a class(like 30min) and just after the class(5 to 10 minutes after the class). A small fruit. Or a small vegetable.That allows you to keep the lo-cal and erases the bad feeling.Be well

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