A couple of weeks ago we were doing focus mitt drills which required us to strike both of outside mitts in a combination and then kick the holder as the final shot. This went very well so we started changing the combination to kicks to the mitts and then a strike to the holder.

My turn to hold the mitts. Everyone was doing very well with speed and accuracy when Check took her turn. I was very relaxed being the holder and was paying attention to the folks striking to see what I could see. Check took her position and I could see her focusing on the mitt on my left hand. She shifted a bit and went for crescent kick. The arc was beautiful and would have made a resounding impact into the mitt - if it hadn't made a resounding impact into my groin. I was on my knees so fast that Check hadn't even returned to zenkutsu yet.

The beautiful part about all this was when I was able to open my eyes the entire class was clutching their nethers and had bug eyes which, in turn, made me laugh a high pitched squeak.


Miss Chris said…
FrogMan said…
I wanna cry in pain but your label for that post is just too great.

Labels: balls.

hahahahaha :D

Glad I found your blog, will be reading from now on.

Take care, Steve.

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