The Get Go

My Wife and I were trying to be socially aware so given the opportunity to spend money for a good cause we leap at the chance to get out off house during the endless dark and fierce driving wind. The lure of a free glass of wine and folks outrageously dressed in their finest with Xtra tuff boots was too much to pass up. The local parks system had set up a service organization to help in the maintenace of the trail systems that sprinkled the local area. In order to make money the time honored tradition of the silent auction was put into play. The auction sheets were placed all around the edge of the room and I haphazardly placed low ball bids on interesting items. Long story short – I won the bid on a month of Martial arts class. When I was paying at the end of the night I found that the instructor was none other than the local liquor distributor.

I talked my friend Adam into coming with me. I've found out that you can learn a lot about a guy via the martial arts. Maybe it's just the amount of time you end up spending with someone, but I swear you get to see stuff that wouldn't normally pop up everyday life.

I'm starting to chalk it all up to adrenaline. I seems to hit people in a couple of ways. People like me get a hit of it and then it goes quickly followed by huge exhaustion. People like Adam get a hit and then they want more. They seem to get more energetic as time gets on. It looked methamphetamine usage to me.


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