Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hole In Foot

My wife and I are redoing yet another part of the house.  This time it's our bedroom and it should be the last of the massive internal projects.  We opted to pull an old wall out to expand the space and so far so good.  The detail work coming up as we put things together will take a long time, but the major operations have completed nicely. 

This kind of work at the house causes some difficulty though because I work my regular day and then work at night.  My only escape is to go to Karate which is nice, but I'm wiped out pretty quickly by midweek.  It's not so much the exertion, but the constant activity.  It also leaves me in a situation where I don't have enough time to think or process so karate can become a bit more difficult. 

Olivia (my NiDan partner) and me are at the point where we are fine tuning as much as possible so when are being critiqued the amount of notes can get pretty sizable.  The normal process is to be given three items to correct per session because it was the easiest to absorb.  However, now we are given about 6 to 12 depending on how much needs to be addressed.  That being said it's nice to say that I can address a lot of the things given to me, but some things remain elusive.  It kind of depends on the location of the correction in the kata.

During my Saturday practice with Daniel and Olivia I managed to open up the top of my foot.  Due to my frozen toe, I'm unable to go to my right knee and be on the ball of my right foot.  So I go to the top of my foot.  It doesn't slow me too much, but on Saturday, I kept catching the top of my foot on a high spot on the floor.  By the end of the training I had a nice bloody hole.  Here I am on Tuesday still with Band-Aids, hoping that it heals up before tomorrow.  Hah!

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