Daniel and Reed are getting together whenever they can so they can knock of Reed's requirements for his test. I believe he's going for his 5th degree?  He has to show 10 kata and create bunkai for all of it.  Very exciting stuff. 

We meet at the garage again around 5:30 and got started going through my test requirements.  Although there was a lot of notes on the my first kata we were able to get through all the requirements and do some extra refinement before my alarm went off. 

Since I really didn't have anything important to get back to at home I drug my leaving out.  Thus I got to participate in their bunkai contstruction.  Our school requires that the moves from a kata need to show a practical or impractical move to go with them.  Since there is no right or wrong move the imagination of the presenter can make for some interesting interpretation.  

Reed wanted me to work with Daniel so he could see how it looked.  This meant taking a lot of twisting falls.  Since I was warmed up it was enjoyable to be helping, but last night after I got out of the shower I noticed I was pretty stiff.  This morning was not enjoyable getting out of bed.  Urgh.

However, the savagery of the session was what I needed.  The continuing flow of information about my Mom and Dad is like being punched in the gut over and over.  Karate provided a nice escape for several hours.  Coming back to the empty house wasn't great.


screamingabyss said…
Hang in there - the parent stuff stinks. Just went through that myself.

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