Snowpocolypse Now

The Rose City is not known for snow at all.  The location secured from the ocean by a mountain range should ensure a moderated temperature all year around, but as each year passes the winter gets more wintery and the summer gets more summery.   This year the snow has come down and remains due to sub-zero temperatures. 

This means that business throughout the city is having a problem staying open because employees can't get to work.  In the case of class the place we go closed last week because they couldn't get anyone there to open up.  To add salt to the virtual wound our after class is held in Daniel Sensei's uninsulated garage.  It was in the 20's(F) last night and the garage was probably only around 60 at best.  Blue and white feet were definitely the word of the day. 

This is the third week in a row in which we might only have a single class during the week.  The new environmental problem is slightly warmer weather combined with freezing rain. 

Last night I went to class very early to warm up and thankfully Mark was there.  We worked on the Nifanshi Oyo and could barely remember how to put it together.  We hadn't practiced it for three weeks and it showed.  It's incredibly simple, but we couldn't remember the next move from the very start.

After class started MaryAnn and Reed both helped us remember the moves and then had us fix a few bits and pieces.  One of those was the shin kick.  Neither of us was putting any effort into timing or intensity. After that we both put a LOT of effort into it and this morning I noticed a considerable amount of bruises up and down my leg.  Ouch. 

I should mention that Mark was doing all this with his finger in a splint.  He had his finger slammed in a car door by a 7 year old.  It basically popped open like a grape.  I couldn't believe he hadn't gone to a doctor.  So we were really paying attention not to touch the finger! 

I led some warm ups and then Mark and I traded sides (attacker vs defender) several times until we felt comfortable.  I'm not saying we were great, but it was quite nice to remember the moves in their proper order.  MaryAnn was already to go traditional; which means one side does their side for months.  We had to tell her we both knew each other's side and just forgotten. 

I got to after class first (which is normal, but I don't understand because I usually leave last?) and got to grab Daniel Sensei for a run through of the ten bunkai.  For the first time I was able to go through them with a fair degree of recollection.  I sure wish I could practice those everyday.  I have no idea how to trick my wife into this, but if I could do that I'd be way smoother than I am now.

We finished up by working in the Kyoku application.  We worked out a few rough bits and then switched sides till I ran out of time. 

The only note from last night was that Reed said that he'd love to work more on the Elbow techniques, but since those aren't a requirement we need to focus on the application.  I got a laugh, thinking to myself that it seemed obvious that we need to focus on what we need to know. 


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