Uke or Ookie?

With only two more classes to go before the celebration testing, I'm probably showing more excitement about the whole thing than anyone in the class.  I just realized that they've done all this before and it's new to me even though I'm not doing anything other than standing in a corner (I think...).

After warm up I got partnered with Mark to practice his 10 elbow techniques.  Now that I've done these a few times,  I'm starting to remember the overall pattern.  We went through them three times which left me a bit bruised since I was the Uke the whole time.  I always thought it was pronounced yookie, but everyone in this class says Oo-kay.  The Uke's job is to give himself to the Shite (it's pronounced sch-tay, not like the Irish saying the poop word).  Ideally, if I present perfectly all ten times then Mark will not have to think; just react.  I am the canvas on which he paints a masterpiece of technical prowess. 

Well, I don't know if we reach the heights that are inferred in my purple prose, but Mark has definitely shown a vast improvement in the flow of his technique.  That or I know when to fall down now and make him look good!  Hah.

The only thing I'm concerned about is that he's supposed to be doing a practical demonstration of one of his Kata's and he still appears to be learning it.  I'm not sure if this going to be on the test or what, but it doesn't look good to me.  I'll find out about it Monday. 


Noah said…
Yes, Japanese is fun. The letter "u" in Romanized Japanese is always pronounced like the English "oo." It's also usually a pretty soft sound. The letter "i" can be soft like that, too, which is why you don't really hear it in the word "shite." And, of course, the "e" is always pronounced like "eh."
Potatoe Fist said…
In the beginning and end of class I struggle through the Japanese portions. The written version is pronounced exactly as you said. No one bothers to say that though.
Anonymous said…
At least you didn't say dookie. ;-)
Potatoe Fist said…
I mumble like hell. "domo orig... murmrurmurr.

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