Shudokan 8

Let's go with the assumption that every martial art has a curriculum or has a syllabus.  It's rare that a teacher would give you a manual because the teaching process is fairly custom even if it's rigid looking at it from the outside.  Although I'm only saying that from my experience.

At two hours a week of direct contact how much content would have to be presented to start seeing repetition?  I'm at roughly a month of classes and haven't seen much in the way of repeating information.  Not to say that we haven't touched on things repetitively, but even the warm-ups seem like a never ending array of different things.  Last night we touched on five different warm-ups with explanations including sunrise and sunset motifs.  Nice, but I was worried about my back.  

TSD (Tang Soo Do) Has three main blocks; upper, mid and lower and I'm glad to report that Shudokan is pretty much the same with their Jo, Chu, and Gai Dans.  However, Shudokan has a different presentation.  I think it's based on teaching someone brand new, but this is how the two blocks are learning are presented:

- Downward - ball your left fist (meat down) and place it on your right shoulder.  Right arm straight out.  Then do the block.
- Mid - ball your fist and place it in your arm pit.  Right arm out.  Then do the block.

So they seem exaggerated, but we still perform the block pretty much as usual.  The only addition being way more twist in the torso than I'm used to and my punching partner not really putting force into the punch. 

Notes for the evening.  Punching makes the muscles in my forearms very sore and I'm very thankful that this style doesn't seem to make a big deal on constant low horse stance.  My knees are very happy.  


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