RCD Shudokan 6

It's never a good sign to be out of breath during the warm up and even less when we only started and there's still a considerable amount to go.  Last night's warm up was to run around the room five times.  I thought to myself, "that seems nice."  Strangely out of breath near the forth rotation and grateful that we started walking after the fifth, I had to suppress my shock when we switched direction and had to knock another five laps.  

I'm going to attribute my weakness to my latest effort to return to a healthier me.  I recently had my lipid panel done now that I've moved South and was unfortunately given the honest truth - my enjoyment of food and irregular exercise has paid off with high levels of bad blood.  

I knew I needed to get on the stick and needed a big prompt.  I had started using beatings to get the ball rolling and the blood test was more or less the final nail to get myself together.  As part of "new me" campaign I'm eating a lot less, eating healthy, cutting out drinking and getting back to running.  

The problem with this is that my system is trying to learn to work with less.  My carb load is fairly low so by the evening time I'm feeling a bit "light".  Thus the problem with the running.  I'm going to have to figure out how to have just enough to make class go well without overdoing it.


Due to the modest amount of time for class we immediately broke out the mats (I didn't even know they had them) and went into ground work.  Marcus had mentioned this might happen, but they hadn't dedicated much time in exploring it lately.

So I learned Open and Closed Guard, Full Mount and how to escape using a variety of techniques.  My partner, Kyle, apparently has pointier elbows than I do.  I know this because if I have him in closed guard (my back on the floor and I have my legs locked around his waist) he assumes a praying hands position with his elbows out.  He then drives those pointy elbows into my inner thighs.  Wow, I couldn't get my legs away from him fast enough which gave him space to wriggle free and "pass my guard".  

I feel like such a MMA fighter except my partner was 14 and pretty much made an ass out of my piddling skills.  

Still fun as hell.


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