Saying Goodbye

I'm wrapping up various odds and ends as I prepare to leave town next week.  My wife has done the lions share of the work packing and organizing and all of our things are in transit down to the states so the remaining things left are saying goodbyes.

Last night I stopped in the for the last hour of class and got to play the role of returning sensei.  While the younger folks worked on exercises, I would get to make comments and correct areas of issue.  I forgot how pleasant a task that was.  Although it was mostly picking up on small things I realized that I remembered all the stuff I needed to be a good teacher.  

I went to the local bar with Teacher afterwards so we could have a moment to ourselves to say goodbye in some kind of formal fashion.  It turned out to be rather informal, but we were still able to pick out the reasons our relationship was helpful to both of us.

to wit:
  • he said that he wouldn't have learned to be a teacher without me being his primary student for so many years
  • I said that he'd been a teacher, a counsellor, and a friend.
  • he said that he grew from knowing me.
  • and I said me too.  I'm better for the experience.
It left me exhausted by strangely buoyant.  I'm ready for my next martial experience; I have lots to learn and lots to share.  I can't wait. 


bpatterson67 said…
Good luck on the move and the next phase of your martial journey!
Potatoe Fist said…
Amidst all the tangled emotions I've got a lot of excitement about going to a new school. Your posts have me partially frothing at the bit.
James Cook said…
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