Friday, August 23, 2013

Modest Update

Not much to report in the land of the frost.  I haven't been able to make to it class for several weeks due to visitors.  Once we told folks that we'd be moving away in the next year we actually had a few takers make the pilgrimage to our fair spot in the North.  Usually the cost is enough to stop anyone's interest, but as soon as you dangle the "free room might be going away" in front of them everyone gets excited.  

Having visitors in our home presents a wrinkle in my life.  My morning routine is to do my Katas/Hyungs, Push-ups, and general exercise.  Our first visitor got a treat one morning as she made her way to the shower.  I was in the middle of doing a complicated kata (Kong Sang Goon) when spotted me through bleary eyes.  This caused me to freeze.  Of course I was in a rather exotic pose with one leg up, one arm up, twisting precariously with my belly slack, hanging over my underwear.  Needless to say, her expression said it all; confusion, disgust, and hopefully a little bit of appreciation, but I doubt that.

Every aspect of life is punctuated, so after that little shock and awe I kept my morning practice down to my push-ups in the bedroom.  The good news is that I achieved 65 this morning!  I think I'm at day 54 so there is a slight possibility that I'll get to that 100 before the 100 days is out.  

I've noticed that even though the progress is mild I really don't drop back as much as I thought I would.  So on a crappy day I'm still getting 50.  

Observations so far:
- I was leery about my count so I had my wife do that.  Sometimes off by four!
- I have to count out loud so I don't mess up.  
- Every time I break 50 I rejoice because the 2nd set isn't as long.  
- I don't have to do my back stabilization exercises.  The plank position of the push up is perfect and I hold it way longer due to the push ups.  
- As my body gets used to the labor I'm not working as hard as I have been i the past.  Not getting that pump is a bit of a bummer.

Hopefully I'll be getting back to class next week.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Push And Shove

I don't have my calendar in front of me, but I think I'm up to 31 days of 100 push ups (or Earthdowns).  

My observations are:
- that due to the lack of proper rest intervals the plateau came quick.
- I'm one month in and can't quite crack 55 reps at one time.
- Weekends are the best because I can do them later in the day, creating an artificial rest (of more than 24) hours.  
- warm-ups do nothing to improve the overall session.
- I've got little muscles that crawl from my pecs through my armpits that hurt so bad sometimes I have to check to see if I have a open wound (I don't).
- The vigor that is created from doing this makes me feel massive and pumped up.  
- It still doesn't help my running.  

Class is a bit sad.  

I got to class last night in fear that I wouldn't have some kind of exercise before our next guests came in and found only Cherub and Teacher.  I guess it's been this way for months now.  Cherub let us know that the few of the folks that did come have all started going to an Marine combatives guy that teaches on the side to keep in form.  Cherub had a huge bruise on his forehead from a recent session.  Seems a bit rough?!

Most of the others that formed our healthy core have dribbled away.  Beard will always come on his own time, but Trucker doesn't have the schedule, Storm is focused on family and the few others have moved or moved on to other things.  

The only upswing should come in a few weeks when the kids class starts up again.  That might bring in parents and friends.  

Last night we practiced this and that which included the use of a bokken.  This is so rare that I can barely count the times on one hand in the last ten years that it's been pulled out.  We did two different hand bind on the "chopper" and two different deflections.   I realize the samurai of old were supposed to be able to grab the sword, but it would obviously have to come from a lifetime of training.  Last night was occasionally punctuated with the crack of the bokken connecting with my elbow.  Ow.   

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