The Deal

Cherub texted me awhile back and mentioned a contest of sorts he found on the internet.  It’s 100 pushups in 100 days.  Since I was feeling a little bad about my recent weight gain and hadn’t been making the progress I thought I was going to make I figured this might be the trick.

The pledge is just a personal honesty deal, but me a Cherub keep notes as to our progress.  So we figured you could do 100 a day with no problem just as long as we broke them up. 

I’m at 20 days now and noticed that 50 is my break even point.  Some days I can’t even get to 30, but it totally feels like exhaustion so I know not enough rest has occurred.  I had dreamed that one day I’d get to 100, but I’m not so sure at this point. 

I’ll keep up some commentary about this in later blog entries.


The first guests of the season have left and we have a two week gap before the next ones show up.  Weight loss with guests in the house has turned out to be a joke.  Exercise is so sporadic as to be not effective and the diet is pretty shabby overall.  Just too much of everything.

With them out of the house and my wife gone on a short trip I might be able to shed a few pounds.  But I’m not feeling to confident about it.


Back to class tonight and it was just the four of us.  I came a bit late and that turned out nice because I was huffing and puffing.  I just feel so bloated and creaky.  Hopefully that’ll go away in awhile.


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