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The Ghost Man Commeth

Teacher asked me to take the kids class tonight and I thought it might be nice, but the timing was off.  Work has accelerated and I've got visiting specialists in town commanding a lot of my time.  It was actually a great time to get away from work out just to clear my mind.

I honestly wish I was a better writer just so I could relay the Heironymous Bosch-esque nature of the class. Teacher has a very serious clamp on behavior and totally okay with getting kids to do push ups and sit ups as punishments for speaking or acting out of turn.  What I mean to say is that I don't think I'm up to his approach and it showed.

I'm not sure what I thought was going to happen, but I didn't get a feeling for the level of oddness that emerged fairly quickly in the class.  First off, I presumed that class would be small.  Wrong.  Tonight we are having a blizzard and no one is driving. I even questioned this myself as I drove slowly to our down town.  If anything, the class should ha…

Blind Man's Bluff

Due to the incredibly busy schedule at work, which often requires me to work late into the evenings, I count myself lucky to attend class on the rare occasion. In the last month I've been able to come back to class with some regularity and have found incredibly fun and full of thoughtful exercise.  

Although I rarely have the time to capture all the great stuff we've been working I wanted to do a couple of posts on the highlights.  Two weeks ago the adult class was down to the three of us (Frenchie, Cherub and Myself) and Teacher.  Always looking at the bright side, Teacher had a class where we would repeat some esoteric move until we are blue in the face.  After the beginning sequence he would pull me aside to practice something "fun".  In this case he grabbed an old belt and blindfolded me.  

The goal of this was to reduce dependence on site and focus on tactile clues, but the neatest things was that without too much warm up you could call out where your opponents pa…