An Hour Late

Work is getting more stressful by the day and on top of that my social obligations seem to grow or, at least, carry more meaning. As our close friends seem to be all moving off the island we want to spend more time socializing.  So last night we promised to meet up for a meal with one of our friends (who’s moving) and I ended up having to miss the first hour of class.

When I got to class it was like old home week.  A few of the teenagers were there; one who had moved out of town and came back for a visit, Teacher Slim and others.  When Teacher Slim shows the mats always come out.  His devotion to crippling locks and painful submissions makes you want the mat.  If you’re not going to take a throw you’ll want the mat for you knees at the very least. 

In an attempt to warm up I went straight to rolls where I stand up in the end and then do it to the other side.  After five on a side I puffing and suitably ready to go, but knees are aching somewhat today.  I’m not sure why because I don’t use them too much coming up.  Assuming I’m doing it correctly, the momentum carries me up and I don’t have to use my legs much.  I’m guessing that I used them more than I thought. 

When class started up Teacher used me as the dummy for demonstrating the techniques, but when the class got started I ended up doing more instruction than anything else.  Which, I found to be quite pleasurable by the end of class.  One of our visitors from some years ago was muddling through a technique with a newer student and I was able to set up and correct very nicely within a 20 minute period. 

I ended up going home and not getting to sleep for hours and then getting up a half hour early.  No winning.


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