Forewarned Is Forearmed

I’m not sure about the spelling there, but we had almost two hours of the most punishing wrist locks, arms bars, and shoulder twisting.  By the end of the night I was sweating from pain management rather than exercise. 

Our normal grips and movements are designed to easily lead into locks on our opponents.  So Teacher moved up our skill level by showing nerve pinches in the fingers. 

The closest we’ve ever come to this is small digit manipulation that is simply grabbing a thumb or pinky and yanking them back at uncomfortable angles.  This is an entirely different approach.  I thought the most effective being a nerve running across the top of the thumb.  The person doing the technique rolls their thumb (or anything for that matter) perpendicularly across the top.  After a bit of sensitivity builds up the nerve is easy to find and just moving it around creates the most pants wetting pain.  We moved to other digits, but the thumb won until we moved to the wrist. 

As with before this is best done with the bad guy holding something firm so you can bring weight to bear on the sensitive surface.  We were using escrima sticks from a spinning, over the elbow lock that ended up putting the stick against the left or right of the wrist.  That definitely requires a video to even understand, but the pain was well beyond pants wetting.  I was standing on the tips of my big toes with no effort; my back arched like I was get 220 applied to my sensitive bits. 

I always with this very technically complex stuff I doubt I’ll remember a lot of it, but it lays a foundation I’m really impressed by.


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