Lump On Head

A blast of sparks shot across my vision from the left.  Ouch.

The class got started late and we mostly focused on the long punch.  The fist is oriented North/South instead of the standard East/West format.  If feels very Chinese to me.  It’s incredibly convenient for specific shot like into the xiphoid process amidst heavy protection. 

The whole move is something we pull out of our third hyung (kata).  On one of the long runs we cross our whole body and drive the fist while untwisting the whole body.  It’s an incredibly powerful strike. 

Here’s a guy doing our third kata.  At 13 seconds you can see the move, but he has no hip drive whatsoever. 

We practiced that with some other moves and had a grand old time twisting necks and arm locking each other.

Then Teacher does a big change out.  He wants to do an exercise in which we don’t block, but just evade – just like a boxer.  Well, after getting two roundhouse punches got landed on my head I realized that pain does not make a great educator. 

After 8 years of using my hands to block shots this was quite a change and it showed on me.  The new students were fine, but I couldn’t move fast at all.  My head really aches today. 


Anonymous said…
Interesting. Totally focusing on punch/block. In TKD we had two min-forms that did this. They were before the official 1-8. At 1-8 everything had some sort if kick.

Somewhat related: Have you seen the advanced form from
Ameri-Do-Te called "The Hurticane"?

Potatoe Fist said…
Why have I never heard of this before?! I could stop staring in disbelief - I knew it was comedy, but it was too close for comfort. Especially the horsemeat comment.

You'll have to give me a bit more about 1-8. Not sure what you're referring to.
Anonymous said…
The first eight:

TKD forms.

You need to bookmark or subscribe to Master Ken,. He totally rocks!

Potatoe Fist said…
I hadn't realized you meant the Poomse. I looked at three and I see you know exactly what I mean about the hammerfists.

Master Ken is the bomb. Literally. I'm going to try the hurticane in class next week.

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