Heel Hell

I just read an article about web publishing saying that to be successful that you need to be consistent in posting content.  I just realized I haven’t posted in several weeks, but this is mostly been due to illness and injury.  When they are in the house I have little interest posting my gripes for the world to read.

Anywho, last Tuesday we were trying to work on spinning heel kicks and decided to practice using the water dummies.  This led to many jarring impacts on the Achilles tendon.  I didn’t think anything of it because I was too focused on protecting my big toe.  But it was doing pretty good and no one stepped on it so I thought it was a pretty good day.

Segue way to the next day at the gym – I doing my less than adequate run on the treadmill and realized that my Achilles is really starting to hurt, but I’m so manly that I ignore it for a few more minutes.  I stopped very early in the run and realized that the pain that was growing is now staying. 

Here I am a week later and although it’s a lot better, it’s not completely healed.  I thought I was all done yesterday and decided I could run up a hill behind work (like 20 feet) and boom the tendon was back to ouchland.  Great. 

I’ve got to be healed up and five pounds less in the next week because me and my wife are going on vacation to New Orleans where walking and eating are going to be a significant part of the agenda.  Whoa is me.  


I have a video of me doing that kick at my BB test. Will have to find it for you.
Potatoe Fist said…
I'll be anxious to see that. I think I remember it from days past.

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