Fight Night Recap

In an ironic follow up to last weeks post I blocked three whirling attacks, but neglected to keep up the pace for the next spinning backfist that ended up terminating on my brow.  Boooiiinggg. 

Class was relatively small with a new guy that comes from a Jujitsu school.  I’m not sure what his experience is, but he was pretty awesome with all the basics.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone move with their balance as well as him. 

In the second hour Teacher announced that we would spar since it’s been awhile.  This was met with a lot of excitement since we hadn’t done any since I was teaching the class in September.  Time flies and Teacher was most likely focusing on bringing the new students up to snuff. 

I got three fights which was pretty awesome.  My first was with the gal from the TKD background.  She was a bit intimidated due to the lack of pads and the requirement to check kicks and punches.  After we danced for a bit I started to get close and use my hands a lot which was not to her liking.  In an amusing turn she said, “get away from me!” and shoved me away followed by a brutal kick.  Hehe. 

The second fight was with Dave.  You never know what you’re going to get and this was no different.  He moved right through me which I was somewhat expecting, but he instantly got grabby and wanted to throw, but it was all sort of hasty and poorly executed.  Not to say that didn’t hurt when he contacted at a million miles an hour, but it’s safe to say that all I did was remain on the defense.  In our first exchange I got two knees to the groin and while I tried to back away he would attack further!  What a machine!  During one of those exchanges he got the spinning back fist in.  Ouch. 

The third fight was with our new guy.  I’ve never fought a Jiujitsu trained person and it was interesting to say the least.  I couldn’t close with him at all. And when we did it was on his dime.  I was able to stop his first takedown, but was never able to land a thing on him the whole time we ran around the room.  In the end he waited till I relaxed and took a leg into a throw.  Beautiful throw.  I hope he can teach us some of that stuff.   So fun.


Anonymous said…
If I was still blogging I'd blog!

Good post!

I ran up against this a lot. The first time was when I sparred sabum. I had wing chun light and boxing experience. However, he told me I could not aim for his head (tkd rules). This is like telling a TKD person that they cannot kick in a match.

At first it was playful until I landed a very stiff jab on his chest protector. At this point he went kick crazy and I must have been knocked down at least 5 times.

The other time it reared it's head was at a TKD tourney. I was getting my ass handed to me by someone younger and faster. All I kept thinking is: "Man, if I were allowed to check his kicks on my shins, close, and head hunt with my hands, this guy would have a problem.

I lost. BAD.

Potatoe Fist said…
Ahhhh, I wasn't aware of the lack of kick checking in TKD. It was the only thing that reduced the full on assault. The set, kick, spin, kick thing is fairly frightening I've got to say, but staying out of distance is nice, but it restarted the fight over and over again.

There is a bit of follow up to all of this. The massive bruise that never happened on my thigh gently disappeared after a couple of days, but torn vein showed up alarmingly yesterday in my groin. I want to say it's a foot print, but I'm guessing it was a knee. Deep black in the center and the colors of the rainbow all around. Extremely sensitive. Decorum doesn't allow me to post a photo of course, but makes me wonder what got torn.

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