Black Belt Test Video

Custom Kata

Teacher says, “it’s a kata a green belt could do, so you better do it like a Black Belt”.  I thought it looked technically decent, but I wished I could have been lower. 


B said…
The kata looks great! RE: breathing. I wonder if you are holding your breath and don't realize it?

This was a problem I had - esp. with forms. For me it was a self-conscious thing. At home when nobody was watching it was not a problem. Get me in front of an audience and I started to get nervous and held my breath.

Not sure how to fix it though.

If it is cardio finding time for cardio training 2-3 times a week @ 20 minutes will help you. If you hate running consider a stair stepper or treadmill!
Potatoe Fist said…
I'm working really hard at breathing and the fact that everyone in class knows really helps because they yell at me all the time.

My biggest area of fault is that on the exertion I hold my breath. Even after all these years. So I can run a horrible anaerobic 5k and still be out of breath in moments of sparring because my mouth is puckered close. Something to work on forever. I imagine in another 8 years I'll be a bit better.

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