Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Piss Poor Teaching.

I talked with Teacher before class and reminded myself of to work on the slowness I needed and focus on fundamentals.  However, after mentoring a new guy (Hippie) for the first hour I was feeling unusually good about my segment in the 2nd hour. 

My part was on the Cat stance.  I reviewed all of our stances in Japanese (because I can’t remember the chases – Hu Gul in this case).  I gave a brief introduction foot placement, weight placement, etc.  We practiced movement back and forth and everyone looked pretty good doing it.  I threw in front snaps kicks and finally got to the double knife hand (Mahk ki something something) over the lead leg.  We got so good at this I started cracking jokes.  As soon as I did this I started mentally cursing myself for making said jokes.  Not that they were bad, but I told myself I wouldn’t, but as soon as I did it the mental cursing messed me up. 

I didn’t have the heart to talk to teacher afterwards.  So last night I had terrible nightmares of teaching, messing things up and never really get lessons started because I was bogged down in all the little things.  Damn, I’m neurotic. 


Ikigai said...

Don't sweat it! It takes awhile to find your teaching rhythm. There are plenty of times when I look back at classes and realize that I killed the momentum of the class or got way too far off-topic.

Eventually your sense of humor will become an asset to your teaching skills.


Potatoe Fist said...

Thanks for the positive support. I talked with Teacher afterwords and he felt that humor was appropriate, but it was out of sequence for me. I think I'll do bettter in time once I find that "rhythm."

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