Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Well Executed Day

I normally jot down my notes either the night of class or the next day before work gets started,  so this is a bit behind since we have class tonight and I’m writing about something that has happened almost five days ago.

The class was invigorated with some more new students so we actually started fairly early and has a small rest break making our class closer to the 2 hours that I say we do, but normally don’t. 

Teacher is still on the formula, so I was able to apply a few things after our talk to the class.  When I was leading the warm-ups I simply didn’t ask permission and told people what to do.  I led people in counting and did some corrections and hints through out the class. 

The hardest thing to do for me is to consciously get my mind in the correct place.  I’m doing a lot of self checking and stopping myself from placing the way I speak and think in the pejorative.  I find this exhausting and distracting.  However, it keeps my mouth shut more often.  Probably a nice break for my friends. 


BSM said...

Teaching is hard. I had to do it for my 1st dan, too. I also had to be club president. This basically meant that I dealt with campus red tape, logistics, scheduling, etc. When I look back it was lots of good lessons.

I think we are similar in that we use self-deprecating humor to disarm people and/or hide lack of confidence. I still do it but I have to say that working in prison helped me. I had to develop a command presence.

Maybe pick a past boss or teacher that you admired and mimic their style? I'm a combination of two supervisors from prison. One was by the book and the other was laid back by the book. Both had a sense of humor yet both were also respected. That's how I supervise at work.

Anyhow good luck and it's good to read your posts again!

Potatoe Fist said...

That's great advice. Teacher and I have been having some long conversations about something along the lines of what you are referring to. I get the feeling it's going to take a long time to foster that presence, but I've started and he noticed. Got some positive feedback.

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