Life by the hour

I'm in school at night and I work a 40 a week job. My life has come down to a measurement of hours. I tell myself that I can do this or that based on it lasting a hour. So if I go to the gym - only one hour; if I work in the garage - only one hour. This has made me very compartmentalized, but I get a lot done very efficiently.

So it was with some trepidation that I went back to beatings tonight with the one hour rule in mind. Teacher wanted to talk quite a bit to catch up, but we got going and since I was the only person it turned into a 40 minute private lesson.

Part of my trepidation was my fear that I'd forgotten everything. I was surprised when we went into one and two-step exercises and then right to integrating locks and blocks. I actually remembered most of the stuff and could execute it fairly well! Color me shocked.


BSM said…
Hang in there! I too hit the wall and am having a hard time getting out from under it.

My job is busy enough and I had a few new projects land on my plate.
Mathieu said…
Shock COLOR!!!


be well
I understand completly how sometimes you can be pressed for time to train, but at least your getting it done. A lot of people dont bother and blame hectic lifestyles.
Potatoe Fist said…
Everyone, thanks for being supportive while I try getting used to a new schedule. I find it extremely motivational.
somaserious said…
It's the bits of training that count in those times. Your body remembers. That's the beauty of martial arts!

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